About Thinkbendy

Adam Bendy presents his first album, CHANGE under the project name thinkbendy. From 2003-2013, Bendy toured and recorded with the New York jam quartet U-Melt, helping to bring the band to a national audience. Now, after several years of culling older material, Bendy comments, “I’ve had time to focus on developing some older musical ideas, as well as writing and arranging new ones. It was a new approach for me as a musician, not only being responsible for arranging bass parts to existing songs like I’ve done in the past, but also taking the role of writer, lyricist, arranger, and performer.” In addition to playing bass for this album, this is Bendy’s first time in the world of vocals and keys. (Once you hear the first track, you may be inclined to double-take that sentence, so here it is again: This is Bendy’s first time in the world of vocals and keys.) In fact, Bendy set out to write this album starting with the piano, focusing on lyrics and melodies first, then layering on arrangements. With CHANGE’s core created on an instrument other than his native bass guitar, Bendy’s concepts and instincts are as refined and adventurous as if he’d been playing keys for years. Contributing to the recording are long time friends and collaborators, Robert Salzer on guitar and George Miller on drums (both from U-melt), and special guest musician Ann Mcinerney on flute. Together they assemble to create Adam Bendy’s debut full-length studio album, CHANGE.

About Adam Bendy

Adam Bendy’s musical endeavors began when he took the role of bass player with the Long Island based rock quintet, a440, who toured extensively throughout the northeast area from 2001-2003 and recorded one self-titled album. From there, he continued on with U-melt from 2003-2013. The New York City based jam quartet’s credits include several regional and nationally based tours throughout the US, as well as three album releases: The Unbelievable Meltdown, The I’s Mind, and Perfect World. Now, with the advent of thinkbendy, Adam continues his musical career with the release of his first full-length studio album entitled CHANGE.