About Thinkbendy

The Essence of Time – About the Project

Adam Bendy presents his second album, The Essence of Time, under his returning project called thinkbendy. From 2003-2013, Bendy toured and recorded with the New York jam quartet UMelt, helping to bring the band to a national audience. After several years of culling and developing older material, Bendy wrote music and lyrics, arranged, and performed his new ideas for his 2017 thinkbendy debut album entitled CHANGE, where Bendy played his native instrument, the bass, in addition to keys and singing vocals, each for the first time. On The Essence of Time, Bendy raised the bar for himself by recording his own vocals for the first time. He found inspiration for this project in an old drawing of his brother’s, featuring the car shown in CHANGE’s album art, as well. To Bendy, it represents the deceptively large amount of free will we have to form our beliefs and use ordinary tools to reach extraordinary purposes. Collaborating with Bendy to depict and honor the freedom that DIY creates, Tiffany Lusht returns to design the album art here as well, giving us this modern-mythical image of billowing sails atop the car. Liner art features lyrics on an assortment of time-weathered pages seemingly spread across a navigator’s desk, proudly showing the curious beauty of objects that manage to survive years of wear and tear. Contributing to this album’s recording is long time friend and collaborator Robert Salzer on guitar (from U-melt), jazz and orchestral drummer Devon Leigh, and guest musician Dr. Thomas Manuel on trumpet. Together they assemble to create Adam Bendy’s full-length second album in the thinkbendy project, The Essence of Time.

About Adam Bendy

Adam Bendy’s musical endeavors began when he took the role of bass player with the Long Island based rock quintet, a440, who toured extensively throughout the Northeast from 2001-2003 and recorded a self-titled album. From there, he performed with U-melt from 2003-2013. The New York City based jam quartet’s credits include several regional and nationally based tours throughout the US, as well as three album releases: The Unbelievable Meltdown, The I’s Mind, and Perfect World. Bendy continued his musical career with his project thinkbendy releasing the album CHANGE in 2017, and now presents his second full-length studio album with this project, The Essence of Time.